Paint like a Pro-Effective DIY painting Tips

The term “DIY” or “do it yourself”,  is becoming more widespread these days. Today, it is possible to get your hands a little dirty and do amazing things! If you want to test your skills before hiring renovation professionals, it is quite possible to bring the desired style in your home by spending little. Painting the house on your own is a great option to test your DIY skills. All you need to do is to contribute proper attention, to make harmonious and professional paintwork in your home. However, if DIY is not your cup of tea, you can surely take help of  professional house painting services!

11 Tricks to Paint the House like a Pro

It’s not very difficult to paint your home instead of hiring a team of professionals. However, you should keep in mind that there are steps that you need to follow.  Let’s check out these effective tricks for a hassle-free DIY interior painting.

  • painting servicesIf your home has masonry surfaces indoors, use acrylic paints. They are quite good in terms of washability.
  • For outdoors, opt for paints with hydrophilic characteristics that facilitate cleaning.
  • Allow 4 hours between applying a layer on another;
  • Mix only the amount of water and paint that you will use.
  • Use ’low-wool’ wool roll, it gives the surface a smoother finish.
  • Apply varnish or enamel on wooden surfaces. The varnish is a product that dyes the wood leaving its veins exposed while enamel paints the surface without letting the veins appear.
  • The procedure for floor painting varies according to the type of surface; on the ceramic floor, it is better to apply paint with an epoxy roller. This will create a sticky base before receiving the acrylic paint.
  • For brick, roof or stone paintings, you should clean all dust and other debris for an effective application of paint.
  • On varnished surfaces, you should use sandpaper to eliminate the gloss completely.
  • Metal surfaces, such as gates and windows, can be painted with enamels.
  • To make the paint last longer, you should apply waterproofing products.