Cruisers are bicycles which imitate the styles of bicycles from the 1930’s. They aren’t intended for riding down a country lane or a rocky road. They are meant to carry an individual in style. The moment you hear someone discuss cruiser bicycles, you envision a bicycle bar with men in leather jackets. The real essence of a cruiser bicycles is that they catch that feeling of desire. Most cruisers have a specific layout; the handlebars are high and long while the chair is right at the back. The foot controls are right before which makes the rider seem as though he is driving a car. Among the biggest manufacturers of cruisers is Harley Davidson. Twin engines are the most common ones but there are different types of engines in production also. They are great for riding at slow speeds and short distances. However a long trip can tire the rider since he must pull back on the handle bars to resist the power of the wind.

getting cruiser bike

They have a very low ground clearance so they are a no for Indian roads. Custom motorcycles give a completely new look to cruiser bicycles. They are highly altered bikes which have been made to look completely different from other bikes giving uniqueness to each custom produced. Custom bicycles were the trend from the 1990s to the 2000s. Choppers are a sort of the Best Cruiser Bikes. The term chopper was used in the 1960s following the release of the film, easy rider. It is a word used for a bicycle that has a larger angle at which the front suspension jutted out. They are either old bicycles which have been altered or are constructed from the beginning. Chopper frames are cut and welded into shape. They have little fuel tanks and ape bars. They are generally bicycles with front wheels extending at least two feet from the rest of the bike.

Customizing a bicycle was rather expensive and they also had chromed components and elongated forks. America is among the few areas where custom made choppers are awarded permits. However, before the choppers were the bobbers. Bobbers were basically bicycles which were stripped down to be lighter and quicker. They were constructed around unmodified frames providing them a rugged appearance. They were homemade bicycles having a design associated with each of the owners. Bobbers were the oldest type of habit motorcycles. They were the easiest to construct from inventory bikes and were handmade. They had been the norm in ancient biker clubs and had a simple bicycle look. Bobbers were thought of as the first street fighting motorcycle. They choppers represent style in all its glory and give a real meaning to travel in style.